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Board Members

Glenn Hutton, PhD is the board president of Macomb Montessori Academy. He is a founding board member who is a believer in empowering all stakeholders of the school. This includes the support staff, teachers, students and parents. Dr. Hutton enjoys serving and providing great leadership to the support staff, educators, students, and parents of MMA.

Sandy Garbovan is the board secretary and has served on the board since 2012. She decided to join the board because she strongly supports Montessori education and Michigan charter schools. Her expertise in operations management provides a great deal of support to her role on the board. “Everything I do in my day job applies to MMA – from reviewing contracts to making decisions about building improvements and planning for the future.” Ms. Garbovan feels supported by Choice Schools and loves serving on the board because she’s able to be a part of providing a positive environment for children to learn in and give them options they might not get elsewhere.

John Marks holds a master’s in Social Work and is a retiree from First Community Baptist Church. He worked in the Substance Abuse Prevention-Training Program at the Church. John has served on the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross as well as the Council of Baptist Pastors with St. Johns Hospital and has received honors from the State of Michigan for his work in Wayne County and the city of Detroit. John has a passion for children, education and working within the community to offer a better education for our families.

Emmitt Jones is a community leader who is active in providing better opportunities and positive character choices for youth.  He owns Kath Khemical & Maintenance, Inc. and serves as a role model for entrepreneurship in the African American community.  He is highly analytical and asks penetrating questions to ensure all children gain access to opportunity.

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