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Teachers Spotlight: Chinaron Vilayvong

We love each one our teachers. They are amazing. They give love, attention and acceptance to all of their students.  More importantly, they see the potential in every child and sacrifice their needs for the needs of their students.   “At Second Home Child Development Center and Macomb Montessori Academy, we are lucky to have incredible teachers like Ms. China who pour their heart and soul every single day for the development of our kids,” Cheryl Paull, Principal of MMA, said. “She is such a postiive addition to Macomb Montessori Academy and we are grateful for her.” What was the deciding factor in choosing to teach at MMA?  MMA feels like home to me. I absolutely love this place! Ms. Cheryl is a wonderful principal. The time, effort and love she puts into this school is remarkable. My colleagues are more than just coworkers to me, they are my additional family members.  And, I can’t leave out the amazing students. They come to school every day focused and ready to learn. Students love that MMA encourages them to explore their creativity, work independently, and collaborate with their peers. I love that I can use a variety of strategies that will accommodate [...]

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Student Spotlight – Angel

⭐️🎓We are so proud of our 6th graders, and we are excited to see where their journey will continue! We got the chance to sit down with some of these awesome students to hear about their favorite MMA memories! ⭐️Meet Angel. She loved her education at MMA and will miss Mr. Jon the most. She said the teachers have taught her everything she needs to know for middle school. Best of luck to you, Angel. Your MMA family will miss you!

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Teacher Spotlight: Chevon Chenault-Starnes

What grade do you teach and how long have you been teaching at MMA? I teach grades 1 & 2. I have been teaching at MMA for three years and am excited to head into my 4th year! What made you choose to teach at MMA? MMA is very special! From my first time in the building, I immediately felt that the staff loved the students and that they were there to make a difference. I wanted to be a part of that. In what ways do you build a family-like atmosphere in your classroom? The students in my classroom, for the most part, have been with me and each other for the last three years. We have all learned to love and respect one another. We all help take care of our environment by cleaning and organizing it daily. The best part is that we make up chants for one another when a task, such as reading all of their sight words or completing a Montessori work plan, is completed. We do this so that students can feel accomplished and their classmates are helping them succeed. What's your secret ingredient in your classroom? What techniques do you use that [...]

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Teacher Spotlight – Jade Hugelier

What grade do you teach and how long have you been teaching at MMA? I teach 1st/2nd grade and have been teaching here for 4 years. What made you choose MMA? I love the small school setting that MMA offers, and was intrigued by working in a Montessori setting. How do you build a family-like atmosphere in your classroom? We start each day with a morning meeting which allows me to get to know the students on a more personal level. Students are also able to build relationships with one another. The classroom environment allows for students to move freely and take ownership of all materials and space as well which gives a family-like atmosphere, too! What's your secret ingredient in your classroom? What techniques do you use that students really gravitate toward? Consistency has always been my secret ingredient. My students always know what to expect on any given day. It has always allowed for me and my students to work so well together. My students love to move so I have always allowed techniques that get the kids up and moving to help keep them focused and engaged. How are creativity and innovative thinking used on a daily [...]

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Hip Hip Hooray! It’s almost Spring Breaks

Whatever you have planned for spring break, we hope you have a blast. Whether you are relaxing on a beach in Florida or enjoying a staycation, below is a list of ideas to rejuvenate and refresh over the next week!  Take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air. Read a book. Meet up with a friend that you haven't seen in a long time. Visit a local museum. Eat at a restaurant that you've always wanted to try. Listen to music that lifts your spirits up.

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“One in the same with a different name” is how Michelle Nighbert and Cheryl Paull like to describe their conjoining schools – Macomb Montessori Academy and Second Home Child Development Center in Warren, MI. Under the leadership of Cheryl and Michelle, the schools are thriving because of the relationship they have built. “You know that feeling when you just know that you can trust someone? That was what it was like with Michelle,” said Cheryl. “I can trust her with anything.” Open and honest communication has been the key to their relationship. “We have gotten to know each other through various positions and transitions over the past 10 years,” commented Michelle. “Today, we are in a space where we are both leaders in the same building. It is such a great feeling knowing that you can trust the person who is your counterpart.” At any given day you will see Michelle and Cheryl standing outside during the student drop off time, greeting parents and students. They want parents to know who they are and that they care about their student from the time that they enter the building to when they leave. Michelle and Cheryl have the same belief in [...]

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