Blueprint for Systemic Reconfiguration

Blueprint Overview

Macomb Montessori Academy is installing the state-recognized Blueprint for Systemic Reconfiguration.

The Beginning

In the Fall of 2018, the Calhoun Intermediate School District invited MMA’s leadership’s team and other district leaders to a workshop to hear about the Blueprint.

What is the Blueprint?

The Blueprint for Systemic Reconfiguration (Chandler & Frank, 2015) is designed to help districts better meet the needs of each and every student within their charge. The Blueprint is a powerful, systemic approach that challenges the status quo, bases the organization’s decisions on the needs of all students, and leverages systemic support for the dramatic improvement and sustainability of student, teacher and leader performance.

Installation of the Blueprint, or this system of systems, purposefully disrupts current practice to create a new structure of coherent, aligned district and building systems to ensure success for all students (Chandler & Mohney, 2017). The Blueprint provides an opportunity for the district to create urgency, develop a stronger systemic focus on and support of high-quality teaching and intentionally concentrate on improving academic, social-emotional and health outcomes for students.

What’s Next in this Journey?

The MMA team is working every day to implement the Blueprint plan. Our leadership team meets every Monday with our Blueprint liaison. We are currently laying the foundation for our mechanical installation.

Communications Protocol

The Blueprint for Systemic Reconfiguration is a system to provide clear internal, external, one-way and two-way communication to:
– Present the district’s approach to turnaround and transparency.
– Illustrate how the district guides and supports improvements in teaching and learning.
– Clarify the roles of both the district and the schools in this turnaround process.