Why Choose MMA

Macomb Montessori Academy is your safe and caring neighborhood school!

We know that our families’ biggest concerns are safety and their child’s needs.

Here, we take precautions to keep our students and staff safe. We also value individualized learning, which allows students to move ahead whenever they are ready. Our teachers act as guides and assistants to our students. Each day, our classrooms start with lessons, and then have blocks of uninterrupted work time. This time allows them to dive into that day’s work – at their own pace.

At Macomb Montessori Academy we put students first.

We knew the value of a safe learning environment, so in 2013, we opened our doors to the Macomb County community. We wanted to create a safe place where children could focus on learning and growing as a person. Of course we focus on science, math, technology, and language arts, but we believe school is so much more than that. Our students are taught a Peace Education that helps them have productive conversations and also promotes peaceful problem solving. Character Choices education program is woven into our curriculum so our students learn a different character trait each month. Together, then learn with their peers and our staff what it means to be responsible, compassionate, and more.

Students arm in arm with green border

If you are looking for a school that values your child as an individual, you’ve come to the right place. We, too, want to see your child grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

When your child feels safe and valued, they are able to learn. Their energy is put towards the topics they most want to learn about during that work time. Children have a natural desire to learn and discover, and we know that. That’s why we encourage them to do so at Macomb Montessori Academy.

Here at Macomb Montessori Academy, we offer a fun and creative way of learning that allows your child to learn and grow in the way that works best for them. We are a team of encouragers who want to see everyone succeed and reach their fullest potential.