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Authorized by Lake Superior State University

Lake Superior State University (LSSU) is the authorizer for Macomb Montessori Academy. As the authorizer, LSSU provides oversight of the charter contract and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations. LSSU appoints the Board of Directors and provides training sessions for the Board.

LSSU believes in providing high quality and diverse educational opportunities for all of their charter school students.  They feel the well being and interests of students are fundamental. These interests include academic achievement, a safe environment that fosters a culture of mutual respect and dignity, and access to information about the quality of education provided by our charter schools.

Education Service Provider


Macomb Montessori Academy excels, in great part, because of its managing partner, Choice Schools Associates. Choice is a family-owned, Michigan based education service provider with a team that is passionate about your child receiving the best education they possibly can.

For over two decades Choice Schools Associates has carried out its mission to partner with school communities, empowering and equipping them to fulfill their unique mission. Choice provides Michigan charter schools with exceptional assistance in all aspects of school management while striving to meet three fundamental and unchanging standards: significantly improve students’ academic achievement; delight parents and ensure high levels of satisfaction; and create a safe, secure learning environment.

Choice customizes its services to meet the unique needs of each academy and works diligently to ensure that the Academy Board’s vision is carried out. The strength of Choice is its exceptional people who provide services to children, parents, and families at every school it manages. This recognition, coupled with its emphasis on the achievement of Academy Board goals and Choice’s standards, makes Choice a truly unique education service provider.

Choice’s Mission:
We partner with school communities, empowering and equipping them to fulfill their unique mission.

Choice’s Vision:
In our communities, everyone thrives. #EveryoneThrivesHere