MMA’s Little Heroes Power Through State Testing

We recognize that state testing is a stressful time for students and their families. Though we spend plenty of time preparing for the NWEA tests, it can still feel overwhelming for students and parents alike. To help give her students the courage to pass their math test, Ms. Latoka provided superhero costumes for her class. With their capes and masks on, her students were all very brave and became confident test takers that morning.

Group of MMA students pose for a picture in the classroom dressed as superheroes for NWEA testing.    MMA Students dressed as superheroes smile together in front of the chalkboard.

MMA student dressed as a superhero flexes for a picture on NWEA test day.     student dressed as a superhero poses for a picture in front of their teacher.

We are very proud of Ms. Latoka, Charlene, and our parents for being the sidekicks our little heroes need. 

At Macomb Montessori Academy, every member of our staff recognizes the importance of our mission. We create a diverse educational community built on the Montessori philosophy, and foster an environment that meets students’ individual needs towards academic excellence, life-long learning, and responsibility. As we move forward from the testing season, we are so excited to finish this school year strong. For more information, and to see what else is going on at Macomb Montessori Academy, follow us on Facebook and keep up-to-date with us on our blog.

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