Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Lauren Aggelar

We love each one of our teachers. They are amazing. They give love, attention and acceptance to all of their students.  More importantly, they see the potential in every child and sacrifice their needs for the needs of their students.  

“At Macomb Montessori Academy, we are lucky to have incredible teachers like Ms. Lauren who dedicate their time and energy to meet the needs of each student.” Cheryl Paull, Principal of MMA, said. “We are lucky to have her as part of our MMA family for the past four years!” 

  1. Where did you go to college and what inspired you to work in a school setting? 

I attended Baker College. I always wanted to be a teacher. I love helping students and seeing the joy on their faces when they understand what they are learning. 

  1. What was the deciding factor in choosing to teach at MMA? 

I always loved the Montessori philosophy. I wanted to teach at a school where students work at their own pace and their own level. It is important for me to teach students in small groups or individually. MMA allowed me to teach the way I wanted to teach.  

  1. How do you build a family-like atmosphere in your classroom? 

I build a family-like atmosphere in my classroom by involving the students in creating the classroom. On the first day of school students come up with a set of rules for the classroom. My classroom is student-led. I let students lead discussion and lessons. If a student chooses they can display their work throughout the classroom. My goal is to have a classroom that is led by students and is a positive and safe learning environment.

  1. What’s your secret ingredient in your classroom? What techniques do you use that students really gravitate toward? 

My secret ingredient in my classroom is my compassion. My students know that I care about them and want what is best for them. 

  1. What is your favorite part of teaching? 

My favorite part of teaching is when students are proud of what they accomplished. It is a joy to see how excited they get when they learn something new, even if it was challenging to them. 

  1. How would a student best describe you?

Nice, fair and caring

  1. What would your colleagues say about you? 

That I’m passionate, dedicated and have lots of patience.