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We are seeking volunteers in the Warren community to help spread the word about Montessori and our school. If you are interested in serving as an Ambassador (Brand Advocate), please contact: Ally Padden via email at allypadden@choiceschools.com.

We look forward to talking to you, and sharing ideas of how best to educate and inform all those in your reach on the magic of a Montessori education!

MMA VIP (Volunteer Incentive Program)

Join the Macomb Montessori Academy Volunteer Incentive Program today

Join the MMA VIP (Volunteer Incentive Program) TODAY!

Did you know…

  • Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance, and are more likely to complete high school than students whose parents are not involved in their school. (1)
  • Research shows that students perform better in school if their fathers as well as their mothers are involved, regardless of whether the father lives with the student or not. (2)
  • Involvement allows parents to monitor school and classroom activities, and to coordinate their efforts with teachers to encourage acceptable classroom behavior and ensure that the child completes school work. (3)

By becoming a part of the MMA VIP (Volunteer Incentive Program) both you and your child will benefit in a positive way. We offer simple ways to volunteer your time that meet the needs of your schedule. Whether it be during the day, after school or from the comfort of your own home, we want YOU to have an active role in our school community.

Volunteer opportunities may include:

  • Assisting with lunch and recess duty
  • Working in your child’s classroom
  • Running an after school club
  • Helping a teacher to prepare classroom materials
  • School Beautification
  • Assisting in the setup of our school library…and MUCH MORE!

The best part is by donating your time, your family will be rewarded as well!

Check out what you can earn…
5 Volunteer Hours = FREE dress pass for your child(ren)
20 Volunteer Hours = FREE pizza dinner for your family
50 Volunteer Hours = FREE movie tickets for your family

Sign up with Miss Ashley today!