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Celebrating National Charter School Week at Macomb Montessori Academy

Celebrating National Charter School WEek at MMA Graphic

This National Charter School Week, we are honored to celebrate the staff and families at our school for the work they do to serve every child. We set out to not only support our students in fulfilling their callings, but to equip them with the tools that they’ll need to thrive! As we look back on what has been accomplished this year, it’s clear that Macomb Montessori Academy has not only met, but exceeded that purpose.


The school year is nearly finished, and as we look back on what has been an eventful and exciting year, we want to thank our school leader. The work they do to keep our school safe and fun is exactly what we are celebrating this National Charter School Week. Our tight-knit community is precisely what makes charter schools so amazing, and as we approach summer break, we hope that you spread the word about Macomb Montessori Academy.

While National Charter School Week doesn’t last forever, the impact we have on our communities does. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on how we are celebrating National Charter School Week.

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