5 Ways to Make Reading Month into a Reading Habit

March is Reading Month! That means encouraging our students to see reading as more than just class work. We set out to promote a love for books outside of school, and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve seen in our classrooms. Whether we dressed as our favorite characters or spent a day at the school library, we all played our part in making this an incredible month at our school. We hope that the passion to read doesn’t stop here, so we’ve provided five ways that you can help keep your children’s noses in a book.

1. Read aloud! One way to keep the pages turning is to read with/read aloud to your children with books suited to their age/grade level. For suggestions on what books are best for your child, and brief descriptions on what those books discuss, click the following link:

2. Visit your library! Another tip to keep your child in the spirit of Reading Month is to take them to your local library. March is oftentimes a month of celebration in public libraries, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Check your local library’s website and keep up with events that may spark your child’s interests. For more information on what libraries are available near you, click the following link:

3. Read the movie! Our third way to inspire our young learners is to read the book version of your child’s favorite movie. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or even Forrest Gump, teaching your child that books can be just as interesting as the big screen can be fun and effective. For an expansive list of children’s books and their movie renditions, click the link below:

4. Author’s Why Yet another way to celebrate reading past the month of March is to deep dive into how and why authors write the stories we love. PBS has provided free access to a series that sits down with writers to learn what inspires them. We hope that this inspires that passion for reading within every member of our community, and for more information on the series click the following link:

5. Connect with the text! Our final tip for finishing National Reading Month strong is to connect your student to powerful and captivating stories. With the proper tools and guidance, every student can find interest in a good book. At our school, we’ve spent the last 31 days making reading and literacy fun and engaging. As March comes to a close, it’s now on our community to keep our students’ eyes between pages.


According to 313Reads, a Detroit-based literacy initiative, 81% of low-income first graders in Michigan aren’t able to read proficiently as of 2020. March is Reading Month may be over, but as we look towards the end of an incredible school year, these resources are more important than ever. For students and parents who feel their goals require more outside of the classroom, we hope that the list of tips and activities above can help make use of that time.