The Value of Re-enrolling Early This Year

We are a tuition-free, public charter school open to all students. That means that every child in our community has the same access to a robust and unique educational experience with us. Due to our enrollment trends and current interest, we anticipate a large number of enrollees. We are looking forward to you securing your spot before it’s gone. The re-enrollment window begins soon and here are some vital reasons to re-enroll early this year. 


Peace of Mind

Your family continues to be a valued member of our community, committing early, will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Securing your spot early relieves the stress of not knowing what school your child will attend, and allows parents/guardians and their children alike to plan for the next step in their education. 


Prepare Ahead

Save your seat now so you do not have to worry about finding another school option. Knowing you have a spot next year allows you to prepare for another great year at our school. This could mean getting more involved in clubs, sports, or other activities because you know you’ll be around next year to continue. 



Continue building relationships within our dynamic school community by re-enrolling today. Our vibrant community offers a personalized student and parent experience that fosters collaboration and inspires a personal growth mindset. 


Re-enrollment is an incredibly useful tool helping those who want to stay with us year after year. Whether you want to solidify your plans or claim your spot early, enrolling as early as possible is a key to success at our school. Re-enrollment opens up soon, and for more information please visit the following link:

Enroll at Macomb Montessori Academy Today