Macomb Montessori Academy Continues to Achieve Outstanding Academic Success

Macomb Montessori Academy would like to showcase an achievement that fills us with great pride. We are excited to report a significant gain in our State of Michigan Index Score over the past year where we doubled from 23.15 (21/22) to an incredible 46.92 (22/23). In addition, our Growth Index Scores moved from 17.27 (21/22) to 68.46 (22/23). These scores not only excite the Board and staff but truly push us closer to academic proficiency. 


In the past year, during the aftermath of a pandemic our staff has worked hard to meet the academic needs of our students. We refuse to settle and have challenged our students to grow. Our school theme is, “Grow with Us,” and it has taught our community that growing can take time, but it will happen if we work together.  


I want to acknowledge and highlight the hard work of MMA amazing teachers, staff and parents! I want to acknowledge students that have worked hard on closing their academic gaps in learning. These small steps in academic growth will continue to make the difference.  

We understand there is still work to be done, but we are off to an amazing start. As we go into 2024, we will continue to focus on academic growth. 

MMA remains thankful to Choice Schools Associates and our school Superintendent, Mrs. Kerri Barrett, MMA Board Members and our ongoing support from Lake Superior State University. For more updates be sure to follow us on social media and our blog.

Thank you!

Mrs. Shanina Draughn,
Head of School of MMA

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