Macomb Montessori Academy Hosts Author Dwayne Reed to Debut Children’s Book

On Thursday, May 18, 2023, Macomb Montessori Academy is excited to host nationally renowned children’s author Dwayne Reed, a teacher, rapper and educator from Chicago to speak with students. Reed wrote, “Simon B. Rhymin,” a series that tells the story of a young rapper whose rhymes bring his community together, as well as the upcoming book All Good in the Hood, available May 30th.

Macomb Montessori Academy will be the first school to hear a reading of Dwayne Reed’s new book All Good in the Hood. This is a very special event as students recently finished a ‘one school, one book’ campaign where the entire student-body read Simon B. Rhymin together. Reed’s message resonates with all grade levels, and connects with students through relatable, heartfelt stories and illustrations centered on difficult topics like homelessness or injustice. 

“Kids don’t always have the opportunity to connect with authors that look like them,” said Shanina Draughn, Head of School at MMA. “We believe that if you make a sincere connection, it will engage your kids. Many of our kids wrote letters about how the book made a positive impact on their lives and this visit from Mr. Reed will cap off this incredible literacy journey our students have had this school year.”

Macomb Montessori Academy students read Simon B Rhymin tigether as a class, with the whiteboard decorated.   Students at MMA wrote letters to the author of Simon B Ryhmin.

The event will host Reed and the students reading All Good in the Hood, followed by a discussion to allow students to engage with an author that can connect to their experiences. The event starts at 11:45 a.m. to debut his new book with students. For more information, and to see what else is going on at our school, be sure to visit our social media and stay up-to-date on our blog.

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