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Macomb Montessori Academy

Macomb Montessori Academy is a tuition-free kindergarten through sixth-grade public school. Here, you can expect a school where children's natural desire to learn is celebrated, where moving at their own pace is encouraged, and their unique learning style is embraced.

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Meet Lisa Key, Area Superintendent

Lisa joined the Choice family as an Area Superintendent in 2015 after twelve years of Educational Leadership experience. She previously worked at Lighthouse Academy, Grand Rapids Public Schools, and worked at Pine Rest Christian Services as a social worker. Lisa earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University and her Masters of Social Work & […]


A child's finger on a tablet and the text "A True Balancing Act: Technology and the Montessori Classroom"

A True Balancing Act: Technology and the Montessori Classroom

When I think of the presence of technology in a classroom, whether it be a traditional or Montessori classroom, one requirement comes to mind: Meaningful. If you watch carefully how public and private schools now market their schools (yes, they now have to market), you often hear things like “We have 1:1 technology!” or “Every […]


Children sitting in a circle with their teacher and the text "The Common Core and Montessori"

The Common Core and Montessori

As the administrator of a public Montessori charter school, I can’t even begin to explain the excitement on a parent’s face when I tell them that at our school their child can receive a Montessori education for free. I explain to them how a charter school receives funding much like any other public school. They […]