VMATH – MMA National Leaders!

Our students 3-6 graders use a Tier 1 Math Support program called VMATH. We purchased this program as a plot to support getting more intervention support to our students in 3-6th grades to help increase our NWEA/ MSTEP scores.

We were able to purchase this program with the LSSU grant funds given in late January 2024. The students work in small groups with the teacher to practice the foundational skills of math. This program provides an opportunity to enter into a National Leader Scoreboard competition race to practice math factors concepts. Our students compete online with other schools across this country to increase their Math knowledge. There are over 145,000 students enrolled on VMATH LIVE across this country!

MMA students have ROCKED IT OUT on the scoreboard by mastering the math skills in the lessons given! We have had over 10 students on the National Leader scoreboard in the past three months beating out the competition while learning to improve their math skills!

It’s amazing to see the students’ excitement while learning on VMATH GAMES LIVE! We are so thankful that our students are having fun while learning. They have taken pride in this program and brag to each other about being on the National Scoreboard.

We even have 3-6 graders at MMA competing against each other! It’s amazing to see our students learn at this level! As the School Principal, I am so thankful to our school Superintendent, Mrs. Kerri, teachers, staff, and parents for supporting this new program and LSSU for giving the financial resources.

Image of VMATH results

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